Friday, November 03, 2006

all saints are our saints prayer

I wrote the prayer below for worship on Sunday. The church I pastor is 96 years old, so I asked some of our long-termers to describe for me the key figures in our church’s history: our saints, the people who have, in God, built up God’s church at Opawa. I then ended with a snippet from the Anglican prayer book.

2 of our folk will pray the following on Sunday:

Thanks God for Wyn Voyce
Our oldest living saint at 102 years
Pianonist, Singer in the choir
Ministering to Opawa through music
May we use our talents like Wyn Voyce did

Thanks God for Dr Bob and Shirley Thompson
Pastor, Builder of A-frame church across the road
Preaching GodÂ’s Word, in season and out
May we use our talents like Dr Bob did

Thanks God for Evelyn, husband of Nellie Woods
Encourager of many
Teacher among our young people
May we encourage our young people as Evelyn Woods did

Thanks God for Gordon and Lois Coombs
Gordon a pastor with a mission heart
Lois a pianist and pastoral carer
Leaders at a turning point in the life of this church
May we serve as faithfully as Gordon and Lois did

Thanks God for Isobel Lord
Encourager, Pray-er
Arranger of flowers in this church
May we appreciate beauty as Isobel does

Thank God for saints like Roy and Ruth Woods
Missionaries for over 18 years in Papua New Guinea
The over 21 years working with kids in New Zealand
May we serve people outside this church like Roy and Ruth do

ALL: Almighty God; You have built up your church
Through the love and devotion of your saints
We give you thanks for your servants
Inspire us to follow their example,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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