Wednesday, January 31, 2007

angels are biblical

Lynne and I have a trust called Angelwings, from which we run various projects.

I received a letter today, making a whole range of nasty accusations, including the fact that this trust was “new age.” Unfortunately the person did not leave a return address. (I am not sure whether this is deliberate or an oversight).

So I would just like to clarify, because this address-less person does claim to read my website, that the reason we chose the name “angel wings” was nothing spooky or sinister or for any new age reason, but simply because in the Bible, angels bring messages and blessings from God and we set up the trust praying that we (Lynne and I) might be agents of blessing from God. And that the trust simply provides census data to help church’s with their planning for mission, to provide an umbrella for my various speaking things and to allow us to develop research interests and Christian resources.

Sorry to disappoint, but “angel wings” neither intends, nor plans, anything sinister or “new age”.

Posted by steve at 03:46 PM


  1. Tear it up, burn it, put it in the bin. Criticism without a name is both cowardly and not worth listening to.

    Comment by Graham Doel — January 31, 2007 @ 11:44 pm

  2. A few compliments to balance things out a bit – I belive I have witnessed Lynne and Steve Taylor being agents of blessings from God – being salt and light – adding God flavors and God colours…

    Comment by Nigel — February 1, 2007 @ 12:55 am

  3. Steve

    Nothing hurts quite like being wounded by a “brother”. It is always the most difficult hurt to deal with, from those who are called to support and encourage, tear down and destroy. May God’s grace be with you as you move on.

    On a lighter note, I remember discussing with my much younger brother of 16 year when he was about 4 year old that angels didn’t have wings, or didn’t necessarily have wings, unlike nearly all religious art portrays. To which he replied – they must have wings, cause otherwise how would they fly! How can you disagree with that 🙂

    Comment by David — February 1, 2007 @ 8:53 am

  4. Hi Steve

    I have a couple of friends who work for a certain Christian broadcaster in this country and it happens to them all the time. Usually the preferred medium is anonymous messages on an answerphone. They have a couple of regulars who make the effort to make their views known.

    Bless you for trying to correct that person gently.

    A pastor at a church I attended for a long time once had a guy who told him over dishes after the dinner (note only the pastor was doing the dishes) that he felt “the Lord had gifted to him a Ministry of Corrections” i.e. telling pastors what they were doing wrong

    After he left the pastor commented to his wife “the gift of a ministry of corrections? What a miserable gift…”

    Comment by Randall — February 1, 2007 @ 9:15 am

  5. slight point of order, Graham, the letter was address-less, not nameless. hence my comment, i am not sure whether the address was forgotten in which case the letter deserves more respect, or because the writer was a coward (and so deserving not to be listened to).

    Comment by steve — February 1, 2007 @ 12:18 pm

  6. David, any advice on how to move on? i was watching out of the blue movie a few weeks ago, wondering how painful memories can be redeemed, since forgive and forget is a human impossibility. what are the practices we can adopt which allow us to remember without corrosion or pain?

    Comment by steve — February 1, 2007 @ 12:20 pm

  7. Hi Steve

    I just feel we have to let go of pain by refocusing on the positives in our lives. My son and I have been very fortunate to have help in this area recently after we were left with our lives in tatters as false accusations saw us with a huge legal bill approx one hundred thousand dollars plus, and the loss of our home. We watched as people we loved and trusted betray that trust with out even the blink of an eye. We watched as accusations were made and then those that made them did not even have the honesty and courage to front up as they knew that the evidence defied the stories.
    We have managed to fill the void left in our lives by taking on new challenges including the purchase of a section, martial arts, music etc and also helping others let down by a system that at times is very unjust.
    We can’t be responsible for everyones hurt or pain and we can’t please or be liked by everyone we just have to forgive and leave that person up to God to heal.
    The pain is always there when you are hurt and you never forget it, but the pain and anger eventually diminish and you become a more wise and fulfilled person.
    I have met many people throughout our ordeal who have had angel like qualities minus the wings, and their love and care has restored my faith in humanity.
    Hope this is somewhat helpful!

    Comment by Paula Weir — February 1, 2007 @ 2:46 pm

  8. A song for you Steve, and all the others out there that need a little encouragement for 2007, despite the put downs and criticisms we are called to help others find the everlasting love of God . I have been humbled by my young son who has such a strong sense of injustice and stands up for others no matter how hard that is.

    Matthew West – Only Grace
    From the album History

    There is no guilt here
    There is no shame
    No pointing fingers
    There is no blame
    What happened yesterday
    Has disappeared
    The dirt has washed away
    And now it’s clear

    There’s only grace
    There’s only love
    There’s only mercy
    And believe me it’s enough
    Your sins are gone
    Without a trace
    There’s nothing left now
    There’s only grace

    You’re starting over now
    Under the sun
    You’re stepping forward now
    A new life has begun
    Your new life has begun


    And if you should fall again
    Get back up, get back up
    Reach out and take my hand
    Get back up, Get back up
    Get back up again

    Chorus: (2x’s)

    I encourage you if you have not heard it to get a copy. It reminds us that we are all only human and need to accept each other warts and all and be kind to ourselves. I am harsher to myself than others.

    Comment by Paula Weir — February 1, 2007 @ 7:12 pm

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