Tuesday, January 29, 2013

back from Bristol

Just back from a productive trip to Bristol. Two aims.

First, as part of alt.worship ten years on research project. Some ten years ago I visited an alt.worship group called Resonance, meeting in the Cotham Parish Church. I joined them for worship and interviewed the then Vicar, Paul Roberts.

Ten years later, Resonance no longer exists. But Foundation meets in the same church, similar time, similar ethos. So as part of the ten years on research project, I went back to visit, again to join them for worship. And this time to interview two people, the current leader, Tim Summers and the former Vicar, Paul Roberts. And to explore what was same, what was different, and what they’ve learnt about sustainability. Lots of wisdom in those two people and lots of learning from the story. A privilege to listen to.

Second, to visit Trinity College. To put on my Principal of Uniting College hat and ask what they are learning about forming leaders in mission. They are one of six Colleges I am trying to connect with here in the UK. Again lots of wisdom and a privilege to listen.

Then back home. The only downside was the driving. Yesterday I got my right and left mixed up and got lost. Today I got my east and west mixed up and nearly ended up in Wales. A relief to finally be back at base.

Posted by steve at 06:05 AM


  1. Don’t drive the wrong way up the M4 Steve, or you have to pay to get into Wales!
    Good to hear what an enriching time you are having and that you managed to fit in a trip to my former college and my old tutor and friend Paul Roberts. Paul has a particular gift for communicating liturgical worship and Anglican spirituality to ordinands, some of whom haven’t ‘got’ it yet.

    Comment by Simon — February 7, 2013 @ 12:08 pm

  2. That’s what happened. Pouring rain. big trucks behind me. Signs for tolls. Thankfully a Services exit where I got a coffee, directions and deep breaths in case of an anxiety attack!

    Paul was most generous with time, and most articulate.


    Comment by steve — February 7, 2013 @ 10:57 pm

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