Sunday, November 11, 2007

back into stoning the prophets


We are back into Stoning the prophets again. We took a week’s break last week, to give us all a breather, and today we’re at it again, hearing the prophet Nahum read aloud from start to end. (Ever heard the prophet Nahum read aloud in church? The Bible declares that all Scripture is inspired, but based on our usage, some Scripture is obviously more inspired than others!)

As part of each Stoning the prophets we invite everyone to pick up a stone from a pile in the centre and to reflect on what struck them. Participants are invited to name this and then throw their stone back on the pile. It is a very powerful moment as one by one rocks thud onto the pile.

Here are the verbal reflections on the prophet Micah:
– such a gloomy book
– such a poetic book
– the stone chosen was significant (white bit on top). Links with Lord of the Rings as a battle, like Micah battling wickedness, yet prophetic promise that God’s mountain will rise, like a white bit on top of a rock!
– Micah is seeing a whole picture – past, present and future of earth
– Doom and gloom, yet glimmers of light bursting forth.
– How can we today live Micah 6:8?
– stone is smoothed, shaped by life forces
– redemption in Micah occurs in dark places. What does it mean for us to seek redemption in dark places?
– redemption and grace casts sins into depths of sea

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