Friday, January 09, 2009

bible days

Been working on this little project for a while, a way to increase Bible engagement both off-line and on-line. it’s going public to Opawa over this weekend, so here goes ….

Increase Bible knowledge by providing a helicopter overview of selected Bible books.

Link the Bible with life and mission in New Zealand today

Discuss in community with others

7 Saturday afternoons (3:30-5:30 pm)
John (Feb 21)
1 Peter (April 25)
1 Corinthians (May 30)
Acts (July 25)
2 Samuel (Aug 15)
Ecclesiastes (Sept 19)
Mark (Oct 3)

Cost: $5/Bible day (free for participants of Opawa Baptist Church)

Why these books? They link with the Daily Bible reading plan used at Opawa Baptist. The aim is to create interest and a greater depth of Bible reading by mixing this teaching overview with daily reading. Different books will be offered in different years.

Who will be teaching? Some of New Zealand’s leading Bible teachers and theologians have been asked to speak on books they are passionate about. These include Paul Windsor from Carey College, Steve Graham and Bob Robinson from Laidlaw College, Paul Trebilco from University of Otago and others. Each has been asked to provide an overview, allow room for discussion and point to highlights that might shape mission life.

What happens after each Bible day? Daily reading of the book is a natural next step. The Opawa 24/7 prayer room will have books for further study. Ongoing discussion, on-line and off-line, will be encouraged through a “post-it” note concept.

Can I come to just one Bible day? Yes.

What if I am busy that day? The plan is to make all Bible days podcastable and available online after the event.

So I could become part of this, even though I don’t live in Christchurch? Yes. Simply ask (includes an annual administration fee).

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