Thursday, May 04, 2006

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My post on 7 things I learnt from Bono about worship leading, and a follow-up post in which I outlined what this might look like in a congregation of 180 rather than a concert of 40,000 attracted quite a bit of blog comment at the time. Interesting to note that Sarah Dylan Breuer offers similar reflection here. It is far longer than my post, but reflects in a similar way on U2 as participatory and experiential worship. It is fascinating to see someone shaped by a Baptistic ethos, like myself, and someone shaped by an Episcopalian (Anglican) ethos, like Sarah, express similar views on the art of liturgy.

One of the most visited posts on this blog is a sermon I preached back in 2004 on the Prodigal Son. I just noticed a link from here and a post describing how a church group, called home, used the sermon, along with three different worship stations in response. It is quite wierd reading their post and realising that totally unbeknown to me, my words were being spoken on another continent. I bet they got the accent wrong!:)

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  1. I loved your link to “7 things you learned from Bono”, Steve. Takes me to a new level in my appreciation of him. I’ve used Bono a lot in my work with kids in the States. He invites us into a journey. . . a very attractive motif. Now you’ve tapped into his style even further. Thanks. By the way, I just tried to email you again with the same result as a few weeks ago. . it bounced back. Maybe an AOL thing. In any case, we’re on for breakfast a week from today (Friday). I have the address and will figure out directions. Further note. I put you in as a link on my new blog. . . hopefully introduce an emergent kiwi to lots of people in the States.

    Comment by Jim — May 5, 2006 @ 11:02 am

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