Thursday, November 09, 2006

cans film festival and spirituality2go

Last year, in speaking to Anglican curates in Nelson, I compiled a list of ways churches uses film under the following headings:
1. Environments
2. Devotion
3. Communication
3.1 Illustration
3.2 Dialogue
3.3 “Roll your own”
4. Community building
5. Missional dialogue
6. Film Festivals

(Full notes are here.)

I’ve just found another: 7. Spirituality of food. The Cans Film Festival is a clever title and great idea. Donate a can of food and you get free entry to participating (big hat tip to Hoyts, Readings, Sky) cinemas. The can of food goes to The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. (For more go here). So film is being used to fundraise.

Now if I was the Salvation Army I would add in one more component. They’ve made a great start and could add significant value by considering spirituality2go. I discuss the theology of spirituality2go in my book (Out of Bounds Church?). In essence I apply Christian faith as pilgrimage to argue that the church needs to supply spiritual takeways to resource people 24/7 and beyond church gathered.

So, the Salvation Army should make up a spiritual film takeway. This could be given to people when they donate their can of food. It should thank people for sponsoring the Christmas Appeal. It should contain a link to a website so that people can see exactly what their can of food is being spent on. It should also contain a list of film questions, to help families discuss the film later. For example, the Taylor family donated 4 cans to watch Over the Hedge. Film discussion questions could include:
– Who was your favourite character and why?
– What was the impact of the new suburb on the animals?
– How would RJ describe the eating habits of your family?
– What can our family learn from this movie about including people?

Such questions help resource ongoing film reflection. This could all be attractively presented in the shape of a can … you give a can, you get a can. In so doing, a great event (the Cans Film Festival) becomes a process.

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