Friday, March 13, 2009

car stuff

The CV joint in our car popped out while I was driving yesterday. The car had been to the garage the day before, to fix the CV joint. But was starting to make a knocking noise again. So I phoned and was told to keep driving carefully, which I did, and they would look at it tomorrow.

And then bang and the entire CV joint on the left hand front tire is spraying grease and there’s a big open hole. Thankfully I was pulling off the road into a cafe at the time.

So the car is back in the garage, and today is the third day in a row we’re trying to juggle life around car and garage.

Posted by steve at 09:26 AM


  1. Having been a mechanic in a former life that sounds incredibly dangerous and a lot like they made a serious mistake putting things back together. CVs don’t just pop off!

    Comment by Andrew — March 13, 2009 @ 2:02 pm

  2. Oooops. Thinking of you 🙂

    Comment by Paul Fromont — March 13, 2009 @ 3:44 pm

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