Wednesday, August 24, 2011

changing a space: putting relationships back into theology and education

Change. It just keeps happening. Some good. Some bad. Always dislocating.

Part of my long weekend in Auckland was being at Laidlaw College. I used to work for the Christchurch branch of Laidlaw, so the Auckland campus was often visited.

Walking in the front door on Friday, the change was obvious –

– the foyer was now a cafe. Walls painted, tables of various sizes set up, good coffee going. Students talking to students, staff interacting, visitors welcomed.

From the foyer you can turn left to the library, straight to the classrooms, go up stairs to the office areas or right to reception and finance. So its a major thoroughfare, that with some vision, a bit of paint and some plumbing, has changed, in a really good way, the feel and values of the place.

The signals were instant – that this place is about relationships.

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