Thursday, December 06, 2012

choose you this day whom you will serve

I led a combined gathering of Board and College team on Tuesday. It’s been an excellent year and it seemed appropriate to gather and celebrate and be in relationship.

We also had some need to talk further about our focus as a College. So before we ate together, we had some work.

In preparation, I invited the following exercise. I noted that College has many potential people to serve/stakeholders. I listed some of them

  • Candidates (POD – Phase 3)
  • Ministers – continuing education (Phase 4)
  • lay leaders (Lay preachers, MoP)
  • chaplains
  • lay ministry teams
  • lay people
  • agencies
  • university (postgraduate students, research)
  • others

I then asked the question – All organisations have limited resource. So, as we think about each stakeholder, what % of energy should college give to each?  Being a percentage, it needed to sum to 100.

What would you answer? How do you think a College should allocate resource?

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  1. That’s alot of paint circles to maneouvre Steve. 🙂 For myself, as a student it’s a great question to think about. I’m a POD, and I’ve realized that the wonderful thing about studying a degree with in a community of people all working towards different goals, is that you benefit from the allocation of resources to areas that you may not be directly involved with at the college. One of the great things about being on campus is my learning is enriched by the experiences and learning other students, ministers, candidates, post-grad students, lecturers, lay people etc. are engaged in, as we discuss, workshop and study together. It takes a village to train a ministry/theological student.

    Comment by Danica — December 13, 2012 @ 12:39 pm

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