Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas caring with

… pastoral worship. Once again the Blue Christmas service became a space and a place on which to sit with all that can make a person blue come Christmas. Never an easy service to curate and one that always comes with lots of tears and hugs. (It’s quite disturbing to start with a welcome and a “hello, my name is Steve…” and have people reach for a tissue :)) But amongst the glitter and relentlessly upbeat carols, it’s becoming a significant and important part of Opawa’s Christmas ministry.

… cake. In what is becoming an Opawa tradition, we make a Christmas cake together at our December communion service. Then the Sunday before Christmas, pieces are wrapped up and the names and addresses of our elderly, unable to be with us at Christmas, are noted. People are asked to take a piece, and sometime before Christmas, drop it into rest homes around Christchurch, with Opawa love. This is not just the staff team caring, but the staff team providing concrete ways for Opawa to be caring, for people to connect with people, younger to connect with older. One piece is even been driven 3 hours, to be given to the Fairhalls, along with our prayers for them this Christmas.

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