Sunday, September 25, 2005

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The emergent block course is over. I actually think it should be called an emergent experience not a block course. Matt asked for notes. It is really hard when you teach by offering experiences -practising online spirituality, spirituality2go takeways, reflecting on art, working with video, sharing around food – and using those experiences as the starting point for reflection, to capture that as “notes.”

Course things that struck me:
: interactive learning is demanding and hard for people who are used to “linear” spoken forms
: student learnings were so positive. We seemed to have moved from deconstucting church to diving into the Jesus story.
: the link made between passive Christians and passive church, and the counter question; if church worship was more participatory, would we in fact be modelling faith as participatory?
: that I forgot to define the emerging church; So, here is an A-Z of the emerging church;

A = artistic
B = blogging
C = culturally sensitive
C= community loving
.. for more

And here is a definition I once wrote.
the emerging church is a journey toward a corporate expression of Jesus Christ birthed in the amniotic fluid of postmodern culture. Note that the sheer diversity of postmodern culture means that while characteristics of community, participation, imagination, cultural awareness and appreciation are shared, their expression is diverse.

I have reached a significant milestone. In the last two years I have written 6 new courses as part of my new lecturing role at BCNZ. This is exhausting. However, BCNZ teaches on a 2 year cycle and so from the start of next year, I get to re-travel and re-tweak old notes, rather than write new notes. Further, with this block course complete, I have the rest of the year with no lecturing. I hope to read and to work on two writing projects: a book on organic leadership and a book on living the Biblical text.

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  1. Hey Steve, do you know if there are any plans to offer this course at BCNZ in Auckland at some stage in the future?

    Comment by naomi — September 27, 2005 @ 11:07 am

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