Tuesday, May 09, 2006

communion with Jesus


Communion sunday morning and I was preaching around Luke 24:36-43. I was struck by the thought that when Jesus ate fish with his disciples, it was like his first resurrection meal. It was an image I wanted us to capture. So we set up 4 long tables, uniform table cloths and 15 chairs, in a line at the front of the church, and invited people to come and eat with Jesus.

With 185 people, we couldn’t really afford a full meal. Instead we had big loaves of bread and caraffe’s of grape juice and wine tasting glasses. After the words of invitation, we sung 3 worship songs. That, and actually being seated and served at the table, gave people time to linger.

Lots of positive feedback and a more communal experience of communion for us at Opawa.

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  1. I preached on John 21 two weeks ago, and talked a lot about the meal that they ate being God’s kingdom come on earth ( words of Jesus at last supper being about not eating with you again, until…..,) and the fact that they ate fish not just bread and wine – really struck me – excuse the pun, like a slap round the face with a wet fish.
    Am wondering whether it would be appropriate some times – particuarly in the few months after easter to add fish into the communion elements – Words like – “God’s Kingdom has come among us”…. the conservatives will probably be up in arms about this – and i doubt that it would fit well with anglican eucharisitic theology – but what do you think.
    We are also thinking of starting a group – for people fed up with church – the name -“A Fish Supper”..

    Comment by michael — May 10, 2006 @ 9:58 am

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