Friday, May 09, 2008

disturb us O Pentecost Spirit

This week is Pentecost Sunday. In Acts 2 we find the story of the first Pentecost. It is the story of a group of dispirited and scared Jesus followers. Touched by the Spirit they find themselves disturbed. Such a disturbance becomes a profound reorientation, as they find themselves outdoors, in God’s mission outside the church walls.

As a church, we celebrate both these dimensions over the next weeks. Our worship space has been disturbed – both in the Pentecost art installation and in the new screens making a new front. It is part of a month long experiment. In the disturbance of these physical changes, we are invited, like the first followers of Jesus, to let God to profoundly reorientate us.

pentecost08a.jpg Spirit as fire, as gaunt, twisted willow; touching coloured houses; connecting with God’s world, and

pentecost08.jpg Spirit as fire, as gaunt, twisted willow; touching coloured houses; inviting your move; a jump toward black, or toward white?

In addition, we are providing 3 ways to make this reorientation practical:

1 – Join us at 4 pm this Sunday either for a seminar on Mission trends in the 21st century OR to Prayerfully walk and listen among our community.

2 – Join us at 7 pm this Sunday for a prayer concert, an evening of song and prayer for God’s mission, led by Jamie Wood, from Pioneers Mission agency.

3 – Takehome a self-denial globe as a practical way of considering your place in God’s mission outside the church walls. This will then become the focus of our 7pm evening services, Grow through Colliding Worlds, on May 18 and 25.

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