Wednesday, August 04, 2004

DJing with spiritual others

In response to this:

It was Maori language week in New Zealand last week. It was a language under extinction a few decades ago. During these painful decades, there was one school of thought that only those who could speak properly and had the right accent could speak. If you tried to use a few words, you were verbally assaulted. A recent article in the local newspaper celebrated the fact that such an elitist, Byzantine attitude had passed. Any use of language by anyone should be celebrated. In other words, if people are using your cultural artifacts, get over it. You can no more stop them than hold back the tide.

Having said that (and to pick up on an earlier post of mine on gospel and culture and the DJ), a kingdom DJ needs a kingdom ethic. There is a community who affirms a DJ mix. When I mix gospel and culture, my community give me feedback on my mix.

A DJ respects their community, the “2 or 3 gathered” because Christ is in their midst. A kingdom DJ will also respect the community of others they sample from. A kingdom DJ will take time to respect the story around the sample (the orthodox prayers, the eucharist etc). In doing so, they will DJ with more sensitivity and nuance.

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  1. good mix – bring it on!

    Comment by paul T — August 5, 2004 @ 9:11 am

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