Saturday, March 29, 2008

evaluation multi-media in easter worship

Email from Jeremy Williams (UK Programme Development, SGM Lifewords): I’ve just been writing up a debrief on our Easter project, and I came across the mention of the films on your blog. Thanks for the link, and for the resulting traffic!

I’m going to be writing a short news item for our magazine too, and it would be great to include a quote from someone who has used the films on the ground. Can you tell me a bit about how you used the animations, and how they were received?

My response: Hi Jeremy,

We used 4 of them in 3 services:
Palm Sunday we used day 1 and day 3. Day 3 (breaking of Alabaster jar) was used to introduce the offering and gave a lovely texture and nuance. Day 1 was used to tell the Palm Sunday narrative by way of introduction.

Easter Friday we used day 6, at the end of the reading of John 18-19. It was a powerful way to underline the death of Jesus, helping hold the liturgical space that is needed as the death is pondered from multiple perspectives.

Easter Sunday we used Day 8, again by way of introduction early in the service and as a way of telling the narrative.

I used them because they gave visuals to Scripture. I liked the use of text+symbol+music+aural reading. It allowed Scripture to be multi-valent. One of our art students commented on the art techniques, she is using similar in her study, so there was a particular resonnace for her.

Good work and kudos to whoever was the creative catalyst and project manager.

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