Thursday, August 04, 2005

Excuse me while I scream

I had to send the following email yesterday:

Hmmm. I think a major oops has happened here. I have nursed a guilty conscience all this year cos you sent me an email after [the conference] asking for something written and I didn’t think I’d sent anything, hence my nursed guilt.

Then in June I met [another of the conference organisers] and he thanked me for my contribution to the [conference] book. I was puzzled.

Now I understand. At the end of the conference I gave participants a copy of part of a chapter from my out of bounds church book. And it appears that you have typed in by hand, then edited that chapter (you will be the 3rd person to do it, since Zondervan did it twice also!) Big scream all around – either of laughter or pain, I am not sure.

The upshot …

is that I am really committed to this book because it is vital that we in New Zealand continue to develop contextual written youth resources. Equally, my thinking has continued to develop since I wrote out of bounds church? book. I need to put on paper what is sort of like a 10th, and final, book chapter, which explores globalisation of culture issues, especially around justice responses. So watch this space…

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