Wednesday, June 04, 2008

formation in community through process

I looked around the room this evening. It was the 4th week of a 10 week evening block course on How to read the New Testament, giving tools for reading gospels, letters, parables etc. It’s part of changes made last year, including (paid) staffing re-alignment, part of clarifying our focus around discipling and mission resourcing.

As a church, staff are our largest budget expense and we don’t think it’s Kingdom to focus that resource predominantly on internal activities such as Sunday worship or church activities.

Anyhow, back to tonight. 15 people in the room. A nice mix of long, medium and new timers. And those new to the church, why are they there? Well, because they’ve not read the Bible and have a hunger to understand it.

Hearing that is like being in heaven. It’s great to be part of a church that is attracting people new, hungry and with little Christian history. It’s great to be able to offer places where people can choose to take their Christian growth a step further. It’s great to teach in groups, allowing formation through relationships.

Term 3 we are planning God at work input, including some weeks on work life balance and some weeks on mid-life planning. Again, taking seriously formation, not for church life, but for work life.

More of an overview on discipling at Opawahere.

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