Tuesday, September 15, 2009

get down to up: film spirituality

Took the kids to Up yesterday. Fantastic film.

It’s the plot that makes Up great; that good old-fashioned ability to engage an audience by telling a story, in this case of childhoon dreams lost, the pain of life and the possibility of imagination rekindled.

It’s the little things that make Pixar great; the saliva that drips of the ball the dogs chase, the stubble that grows on the face of the older man. Extraordinary attention to detail.

Take your family and get down to “Up”.

I’d also suggest you take your church leadership team and get down to “Up”. You see, Up is a movie that has lots of connection with leadership and mission in emerging cultures. (I would put it up there with Grow Your Own). Read it alongside Luke 10:1-12 and ask each other:
– what dreams are shaping your imagination? who are your partners in that imagination?
– what adventures is God calling you and your community?
– what must you let go off in order to pursue those dreams?
– how importance is the ordinary and the everyday, the sitting on the curbside of life, in your theology and ministry?

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