Friday, September 24, 2010

home is

Peppers from seed now sprouted, squash from seeds with lots of new leaves. The lettuce from seed is also up, while the wysteria is in flower. All enjoyed with a cup of tea on the deck.

It was good to go. (At some point if any are interested, I might post my report). It is even better to be back.

It was wierd flying out of Adelaide and realising that overseas now meant a whole new lot of routines. Leaving from New Zealand it was generally through Auckland and I knew where the postbox was and where the stamps were, in order to drop the first postcard to family in the mail before I flew. And then knowing the location of the chapel, for the moment of prayer, which gave just enough time for the coffee.

But leaving from a new country, means a new set of routines. As does returning and it’s no longer a ‘welcome home sir’ through the priority “New Zealand” queue.

Because in Australia I am still “migrant.” And that was somehow OK, because home is defined by peppers from seed sprouting, squash from seeds newly leaved, all enjoyed with a cup of tea on the deck …

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