Thursday, July 14, 2005

if i had time

If I had time I would write articles on:
: from movements to meme or why movements are an outdated overflow from modernity
: re:mission and Luke 10
: shaping indigenous worship, with particular reference to indigenous spirituality
: the simplicity of attraction vs. incarnation in contrast to the 6 epochs of mission history in the work of david bosch, transforming faith
: the missiology and resources behind a take a kid to faith service.

But I don’t. I have 2 day jobs and it’s hard enough doing that, let alone responding to the email — in the last week requests for advice from
: a denomination
: PhD students
: speaking resources for a ministry in the US
: a request to participate in a virtual seminary.

At times the amount of email generated around this site makes me it all feel unsustainable. Oh, you guessed, didn’t you. Yes it is raining today. But the irony, I’m listening to Lemon Jelly and it’s track 4 – don’t stop now!

Posted by steve at 02:28 PM

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  1. I’ve been using my holidays to think more about what i want to write and find some time to start it…

    have 8 movie reviews/discussion papers under way and among other things one article titled “the church as a safe place for failed alpha males.”

    so many things to write, so very few people who seem to care 🙂

    Comment by darren wright — July 19, 2005 @ 2:36 am

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