Wednesday, January 03, 2007

inspiration in 2006

5 most inspirational books of 2006

Practicing Passion: Youth and the Quest for a Passionate Church – the theology helped us reshape our Digestion congregation, and allowed us to move to church as both resourcing, and learning from, the 24/7 doing of faith.

Cultural Transformation and Religious Practice – an real intellectual workout, but a must read for anyone who wants to think seriously about the processes of cultural change and the gospel.

Saint Johns Bible – this sits on my workplace coffee table as a reminder that the Bible is a coloured text, and deserves our visual excellence.

Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross – provided fresh insights for me on the place of story and storytelling in how we approach the communication of Scripture.

Kingdom ethics – invalable resource in mixing Biblical text and contemporary context as the Sermon on the Mount dominated the teaching in our Sunday morning congregation.

5 most inspirational films of 2006

Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada – for it’s exploration of the possibilities of justice and redemption in the gritty places of human relationships

Over the Hedge – a thought provoking commentary on consumption and the environment

U2 Vertigo DVD – stunning example of worship leading and became a regular used classroom resource on the place of DJing in communication.

Firefly series – became a weekly day-off highlight. I love the humour, the moral dilemmas, the interplay of the characters, while the place of Shepherd constantly raised questions of spirituality.

Crash – the power of grace amid the complexity of racism and human life in the urban context.

Posted by steve at 02:28 PM


  1. Hi Steve!
    It is amazing that you take the time to trackback and comment links to your book/blog! Thanks for writing and encouraging. Some of the folk here in Karlsruhe, Germany are in dialoge about your book and emergent issues. We are living in a secular culture and are just beginning to discover how to be church again. Thanks for the book recommendations! Love and Grace from Germany!

    Comment by Bjoern Wagner — January 9, 2007 @ 5:48 pm

  2. Hey Steve.
    I loved the firefly series too, and watched the whole think in a week during 2006 (probably when I shoud have been studying!)
    The Shepherd was intriging, seemed to be someone very important.

    Ali and I are still traveling around China, having a great time.
    Check the log for travel photos if you want.


    Comment by Paul Holmes — January 9, 2007 @ 7:14 pm

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