Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mahara tutorials – a 21st century College

As part of commitment to quality education at Uniting College, next year we’re making Blended learning a focus. We want to maximise the mixing of students face to face and online.

As part of that, we’re experimenting with a programme called Mahara. In a few sentences, Mahara is a personal learning environment mixed with social networking, that lets you to collect, reflect on and share your achievements and development online. It’s a student space, perfect for collecting all their work over the space of a degree, perfect for a lecturer to point to an essay, or a paragraph and say “You really should make that public for the class to see.” It lets you build your resume, it syncs seamlessly with Moodle, it lets you blog, it lets you decide what to make public and to whom.

We are running some introduction sessions on this side of the summer holidays.

  • Thursday the 21st Nov 1:30-3pm (Common Room at Uniting College)
  • Thursday the 28th Nov 1:30-3pm (Common Room at Uniting College).

An opportunity to get going with a Learn! Lead! Live! tool over the summer holidays!

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