Tuesday, June 26, 2012

new Director of Missiology and Post-graduate Co-ordinator

Here is the latest Mission Matters newsletter from the Missiology stream at Uniting College. Highlights include some resources, upcoming courses and some ways the Missiology stream is serving the church. But the main feature is the announcement of the next Director of Missiology at Uniting College, along with an extended interview with her.

Rosemary Dewerse has a call to form leaders, with a particular passion for developing leaders who will be attentive to context.

“Jesus Christ modeled a faith that was biblically and critically engaged, practical, creative, contextually relevant and transformational. I count it a privilege to encourage, nurture and seek to empower others to do likewise.”

She has a PhD in leadership formation with a focus on intercultural (across cultures and generations) ministry. She has 12 years teaching experience, in three different cultures (Maori, Central Asian, New Zealand). She defines herself as ecumenical, expressed an empathy with, and appreciation of, the Basis of Union, and made an unreserved commitment to the training of Uniting church ministers.

The Joint Nominating Committee were blown away by the calibre of people who applied and are very excited about the gifts and charisms Rosemary will bring among the College and church in South Australia.

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