Tuesday, May 10, 2005

nor west festival: metal work


Email from the artist who will be guiding the Saturday, 21 May, morning metal work:
A few thoughts: In addition to the corrugated iron it could be fun to have some other materials that we could attach-to or juxtapose beside the iron.

eg: old wood, stencilled packing crate, boxwood, hessian, nylon onion bag cloth, plastic sheeting… wire, nylon rope, bailing twine… flax, cabbage tree leaves…

found materials – what about taking the participants for a walk around the
block or immediate neighbourhood and collecting found materials for possible
inclusion in the work (is there some spiritual link to the use of flosam and
jetsom and junk to make art?).

I guess the artist models I’m thinking of here are people like Rauschenberg,
Johns, Wesselmann, Schwitters…

Paint – what about severlely limiting the pallette? eg Black and Red only
(good Canterbury colours) maybe white as well. I find that limiting the colour choices normally makes for better work. acrylic house paint is probably best (faster drying)

Stencils – lettering and numbers

heat gun

pop rivet gun and rivets

power drill and bits that conform to rivet guage

tin snips

hammers, nails


magazines (possible collage sources)

shellac (is good to work with. You can buy the flakes and dissolve them
overnight in meths). I can source this if you want.

It’s sounding like a LOT of fun.

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