Tuesday, December 07, 2010

ordinations making the secular media

Sunday’s ordination has resulted in media articles in the Advertiser (South Australia’s morning newspaper) and The Australian (Australian wide).

Both focus on the numbers being ordained (19 this year) and the (youthful) age. The Australian has some great quotes from two of those being ordained:

“I think science and Christianity are very complementary to each other. They’re both about exploring God’s world and trying to see the best in it.” Dr Callen (molecular biologist and now minister)

“For me, I don’t feel called to a church in the way it has been, but in a new form of church.” Sara Agnew and planter of The Esther Project

For the record, the Advertiser is just plain wrong when it says that “All 19 ministers ordained this year are under 40 and two are women.” The fact is that of the 5 ordained on Sunday, all were under 40 and two were women. Over the year, the gender spread was pretty even, as was the age range.

For those interested, here is the sermon I preached at Sunday’s ordination.

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