Monday, August 09, 2004

probing my gift mix

The last week has been busy. It has had a mix of joy and ho humm. Since I am made in the image of God, uniquely configured, it is interesting to step back and see what has energised me, and what does not energise me.

I have been organising a gathering for emerging practioners called converse – 3 days to step aside and reflect together on mission and ministry. Energising? NIL.

I have been in conversation with Andrew. He found my paper on postmodern monasteries. He’s been dreaming for a while about turning an abandoned vicarage into a monastery. He lives about 80 kilometres away and is just about to put the proposal to his vestry. Using the internet, he’s found a fellow dreamer and we meet for coffee this week. Energising? TOTALLY.

I am doing a first run on a new course onpreaching and teaching in postmodernity. Alongside students, I have about 15 outsiders, local pastors, joining us for “in-service” training. A chance to talk about imagination and culture and community in the context of Christian communication. Energising? TOTALLY.

Not sure what to make of this in terms of where I put my future energy, but some insights to ponder further.

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