Friday, August 04, 2006

reading the missional text: 2

A process of reading the Biblical text in community, aware of context, and with missional eyes. The second text is 1 Kings 19:3-18;

A place of despair (both personal and cultural) need not be an ending. God can meet and sustain us in our despair. In fact, in our brokenness, we just might become teachable.

The need to find God in new ways: what are the skills and capacities that will sustain us into a postmodern journey?

The need to find new partners, including “pagan” partners: who are the partners that will walk with us in our missional journey?

The missional journey is counter-cultural, a movement from the edges and by the minority.

Where the “signs”; of earthquake and storm, in any way “signs” used by the idols of Elijah’s culture? What skills and discernment might be needed to unmask the idols of our culture?

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