Monday, December 07, 2015

road trip 2015

The Spring KCML block course concluded on Thursday. My various teaching slots went well. Working with folk who all already have a primary theology degree and who are all in ministry 70% of the time means different levels of knowledge and question are in the room and I’m still reflecting on that.

Following the block course, I took the opportunity of being already in Auckland, to embark on visiting around the Bay of Plenty region. First, a visit to St Johns Rotorua. We will have two interns connected with this church in 2016. With the current leadership team including a recent graduate, plus having experience of another intern a few years ago, it was a rich sharing of insight and experience.

Second, a visit to Te Aka Puaho. It was a joy to share karakia (prayer) with Whakatane Maori Presbyterian Church on Sunday, a cup of tea afterward with a range of Amorangi (Maori Ministers) and lunch with the Moderator and Te Ahorangi, Wayne Te Kaawa. Wayne is a partner in training and it was good to see him in his home town and to be welcomed warmly to the “heart of Te Aka Puaho.” His wife Helen was just back from Fiji, so the conversation reigned across a wide range of justice issues, both local and in the Pacific.

Third, a visit to St Enochs, Tauranga. We have another intern beginning with this community next year and it was good to share insight and reflect on the privilege of forming leaders in mission.

In betweeen was the sheer joy of driving, of being back in rural New Zealand, of re-connecting with Pohutakawa and fern frond. I visited a number of artists, Trevor Nathan and Maree Aldridge, at the Just Food Cafe. I also connected with a few friends, from previous lives. It all felt spiritual, an earthing, a reminding of place, people and potential.

Now for a few days break, including a return to the Team Taylor holiday house ….

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  1. So glad it all went well. Thanks for making the effort to drive down to Whaketane and Ohope.

    Comment by Diane GW — December 8, 2015 @ 3:23 pm

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