Wednesday, October 08, 2008

sabbatical update 5

Monday morning update (on a Wednesday)

the weekend that was: It was a long weekend, so a 3 day trip to Kangaroo Island with sister-in-law and family beckoned. Fascinating part of Australia.

where i am at the moment: Just exiting Najjars cafe, North Adelaide. I have been speaking to about 35 people at a leaders breakfast. I was introduced just as all the breakfasts arrived, making connections and momentum difficult. Grand timing!

on my to-do list this week: Tidy office – there’s been a lot of speaking in the last few weeks, and that means notes everywhere.

reading: Rublevs Icon by Benge. Beautiful book, fascinating exploration of relationship between art and theology over time.

how i’m feeling about this week: relieved. These last 2 weeks have been my “speaking phase”, moving between a wide range of settings and groups. I have enjoyed it and had good feedback ..

“participants appreciated the significant biblical/theological underpinning of mission which you conveyed, with emphasis on the relevance of the Luke 10 sending stories in our own context, and the way in which you told stories of your own faith community’s application of these missional principles in very practical and “do-able” ways. Thanks again Steve.”

But have also realised that I do feel very awkward creating connections in new groups, with a varied audience, when I do not have time to build a conversational rapport. I suspect at the moment that in term of my skill set I am a better teacher than one-off speaker.

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