Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sabbatical update 6

Monday morning update (on a Tuesday)

the weekend that was: The Taylor “girls” are heading back to Christchurch this week, so it was “girls choice” weekend. Kayli wanted to attend eco-church and Shannon wanted to return to the Museum to show me some artifacts from Papua New Guinea, including from the tribe of my childhood. We threw in a cruise up the Adelaide River and a lunch at their favourite cafe, Cibo.

where i am at the moment: Parkin-Wesley. Back into a writing groove, and have churned out about 5,000 words on the “opawa story”; charting some of the changes we have made at Opawa. It’s a mix of why we did it and what we did and it’s been fun. We’ve done a lot in 5 years.

on my to-do list this week: I am doing the Bible studies at the Uniting Church synod in a few weeks – about 350 people coming and I have to be Biblical, interesting, interactive, connective, challenging …. yep, got some work to do. I am playing with some “Adventish” Bible passages, which no doubt will reappear at Opawa in December!

reading: just finished a fictional account of life in Iraq before their revolution. Fascinating glimpse into another culture.

music that’s caught my attention: with my family leaving me, it’s lots of Radiohead, In Rainbows, that depressive, ethereal, moody rock.

how i’m feeling about this week: sad. It’s been fabulous having Lynne and the girls with me and we have had such a grand time. I’m so grateful to my hosts for making this possible. But returning to an empty house of memories is going to be very hard.

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