Monday, October 20, 2008

sabbatical update 7

Monday afternoon update

the weekend that was: rich weekend – Saturday started with a walk along Brighton Beach, then an afternoon tour of McLarenvale with friends, before a fun dinner party with some relaxed Adeladians. Sunday included ecochurch (it is so nice to be in a church which uses the body in worship) and a walk with an Aboriginal guide around the botanical gardens. Marked a Masters thesis, then did some preparation for speaking at Coromandel Valley Uniting in the evening – a two hour seminar on mission and worship. I’ve refused all preaching, but these people are in a really good process, so I was happy to play a part. I found it a very helpful experience, both in preparation and speaking, and it clarified some ideas around my book.

where i am at the moment: Parkin-Wesley. I have just finished my last Missional Church Leadership class, so am enjoying the post-class sense of relief.

on my to-do list this week: I am off on personal retreat later in the week, planning to walk for a few days, reflecting on God, life, gifts and my vocation/s.

reading: Christopher Wright’s, The Mission of God.

music that’s caught my attention: 1 Giant Leap, The way you dream, as I have been reading Mary’s Magnificant. How on earth did a dream like that get attributed to a peasant teenager girl in a patriarchal society? How do we cultivate such dreamers today? What are my dreams for church and society in my day?

how i’m feeling about this week: excited. Very. Looking forward to the retreat and then a weekend with Melbourne with friends.

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