Thursday, September 01, 2011

some serious theology

It’s been great to have Stephen Garner, practical theologian from University of Auckland here with us for a few weeks as a Visiting Scholar. He’s lectured in our new Bachelor of Ministry introductory course Media and Communication in Contemporary Culture. He gave the Annual Theology Lecture – Sacred Texts in a secular world: How should we teach sacred texts in a pluralistic, multi-faith, modern university. He’s helped resource a new 2012 topic design – Bible and Popular Culture. He’s met with Australasian Theological Forum, which is based here in Adelaide, and done final edits on a book project. He’s worshipped and cup of tea’d with us.

It’s been great to have a fresh face around the place. Personally, it’s been great to have another Kiwi voice, a familiar accent and shared stories and history. Today Stephen left me a parting gift, a sign of the serious theology search we share


Brotown! A primetime animation, about a group of boys growing up in Auckland.


Well Brotown Annual volume 1 begins with “letter from God” and for those who want a more explicit Christ focus, Annual volume 2 begins with “Jesus welcomes you.” Which I’ve written about in much depth, seriously!, in The Bible in/and Popular Culture: A Creative Encounter (Semeia Studies) in a chapter titled “Reading “Pop-Wise”: The Very Fine Art of “Making Do” When Reading the Bible in bro’Town by Steve Taylor” (more on the book here). And Stephen Garner has written about in a journal – Morningside for Life!: Contextual Theology Meets Animated Television in bro’Town – in Studies in World Christianity.

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  1. Choice!

    Comment by lynne — September 1, 2011 @ 4:18 pm

  2. (that’s choice with a very long “oi”, of course!)
    (not the sort of oi oi oi you see in these parts) 🙂

    Comment by lynne — September 1, 2011 @ 4:19 pm

  3. brotown sounds great!!!!!

    Comment by andrew — September 2, 2011 @ 6:45 pm

  4. Thanks for the kind words. It was a very good time at UCLT – for fellowship, teaching and research.



    Pondering what might be next in Aotearoa New Zealand pop culture to explore theologically.

    Comment by Stephen — September 5, 2011 @ 12:35 pm

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