Monday, December 12, 2011

Spirit-ed Missiology for a Global Church

Really excited about this, just one of our Missiology stream offerings for 2012 at Uniting College.

How can we tell which to reject, what to support and who we can cooperate with in our mission? How do we discern the movement of the Holy Spirit among all the other spirits? 

In our complex, plural postmodern world we inhabit a world of many spirits – good, bad, indifferent. These are movements, forces, personalities, cultures we have to negotiate. This unit will explore how attention to the Holy Spirit in mission enables us to minister faithfully in local contexts while connected to the church worldwide and the greater purposes of God in Christ.

Kirsteen Kim is Professor of Theology and World Christianity at Leeds Trinity University College, UK and author of Holy Spirit in the World and Joining in with the Spirit.

Topics will include

  • Mission in the Spirit
  • A world of many spirits
  • Movements of the Spirit
  • Spirit-uality
  • Interaction: Indigenous voices
  • Discerning the Spirit among the spirits

July 23-27, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm. Available at both Bachelor and Post Graduate level. Adelaide College of Divinity Campus.

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