Tuesday, March 02, 2004

stages of faith

when one’s starting out on the spiritual journey and making a serious attempt to understand a complicated major religion, one needs certainties in order to find a patch of firm ground to stand on; the sophisticated approach can come later. I had reached the stage where I had dug myself in on a patch of firm ground but had so far been unable to work out how to move on.
:: Susan Howatch, The Heartbreaker.

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  1. stages of faith — dead important — for all – and for joshua-stylee ‘crossing guards’ everywhere… at this big jordan crossing for the worldwide church…. in a global age. this post emphasises, I think, that what many in the 20th/21st C unwisely call: ‘fundie’ or ‘liberal’ – are crucial stages on the journey… of faith..

    a journey doon! like Christ! intae God’s promised future – for the big all – and stuff – with more stages ahead… (eg. ‘integration’ stage)
    NOT 2 opposing teams on a sad wee football pitch!

    with marketeers getting set to reap a global teen market – priced in the billions and the world getting crowded with – gangs of kids in suits playing at cowboys and indians —
    crossing guards please stand up! now would be a good time !!

    Comment by paul T — March 3, 2004 @ 12:15 pm

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