Sunday, April 17, 2005

the blog about the out of bounds church book

When you release a book, people start to review it and interact with it. Which has left me with the dilemna – What to do with such stuff? It sort of seemed a slight sideline to the point of this blog (which doesn’t really have a point, but nevertheless still felt off the point) and I don’t want this blog filled up with various book bites.

So I’ve built a new website/blog: the blog about the out of bounds book.

It includes
: reviews and web interactions
: the Original postcards
: some humour
: directors cut – various bits that hit the editing floor
: mistakes
: my responses to “author emails.”

Head on over. Check it out. Give me your feedback (here please). Link to it, so that it steadily moves up the old google rankings.

(PS I’d love to include some sort of discussion forum for each chapter. But I lack the technical expertise. So if any kind reader could help me set up some sort of forum, I’d be stoked.)

Posted by steve at 08:02 AM

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  1. Hi Steve

    As far as a forum goes, go to

    It’s a free web tool that will help you get one set up.

    Comment by Bruce — April 22, 2005 @ 2:01 am

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