Friday, July 03, 2009

the day a man attacked our church with a hammer

I arrived on Saturday afternoon to find a man with a hammer attacking the church walls. So began the practical part of church renovations. It took about 6 months to make a decision as a church. (Unanimous!). It took about 9 months to reach our fundraising goal 80% of a $500K project. It took 12 months to secure council consent!

This week it began …

So for the next 12 weeks, staff are working around diggers, hammers, skill saws. Oh joy!

For those curious, we put together this 8 minute video for our 2008 church meeting, as an attempt to communicate and link our mission and ministry with the practicalities of our building changes. Enjoy!)

Room by Room – Opawa 08 from opawa mac on Vimeo.

In a nutshell; Stage 1 and 2 involves
* renovations to our toilets, including disability access
* a dedicated cafe and kitchen area
* a larger foyer area
* that can be sub-divided to allow multiple use by multiple groups
* more office space for our staff team
* improved access to our children’s area
* as a foundation for Stage 3, which will include family hub ministry (for more see here and here).

for more go here

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