Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the gospel and land of promise

Some good news this morning …. another of my writings has been accepted for publication.

Back in July I presented a paper – Faithful Other or Guilty Other? a migrants reading of Genesis 28:10-18 – at an academic conference. The theme was the Gospel and the land of promise. Most of the papers looked at Biblical material in relation to the land of Israel. My paper did also, but by a somewhat meandering path. I started by reading the Jacob narrative through the lens of Aotearoa migration stories – Maori and Pakeha, Cook and Banks and Te Rangi Hiroa – which threw up some fascinating discussion around “land/s of promise.” What if “ownership” was a cultural construct? What if “promised” land was offered as already occupied land, both by animal and people?

Questions I’ve been chewing on for a number of years, and the conference was a chance to draw some threads together, put some thoughts into words. The papers were gathered. And a publisher has just said yes to making them available in written form.

So that’s a third publishable “thing” for me in this calendar year; with another 2 “things” submitted and awaiting. Plus there is a first complete draft of a potential book on faith:full family ministry, emerging from the Breathe conference I spoke at in August. All in all, it’s been a very encouraging year (for a part-time academic) writing wise. Now back to the laptop!

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