Saturday, October 24, 2009

the joy of being a fan: u2 in milano

This is a great video clip:
a man happy in his skin
a creative man, who has found a way to express his creativity
a man who is now captured on video, humming the songs
of another creative man, another who has found a way to express his creativity

the mixing of two creative joys. angst is easier to capture artistically. joy is much hard to capture. the music of U2 has a joyous feel at the moment, the freedom of a group who seem very comfortable in their skin, in their creativity.

much band fandom feels adolescent, like a kid doing rabbit ears behind a live camera feed,
an energy doing it’s best to make itself the centre of the show.

this fandom feels mature, someone who perhaps really has found what they are looking for,
who can “shout for joy if you get the chance” (U2, Unknown Caller).

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