Friday, September 09, 2011

The Kings Speech. an(other useful) way to intro evangelism?

Yesterday I blogged about a short video Tell Show Be seeking feedback on it’s appropriateness or not to talk about evangelism. The comments have been really helpful.

So much so that I’m offering another video option – The Kings Speech.

The Kings Speech tells a story. It picks up on a primal human fear, that of public speaking and of being exposed, humiliated, vulnerable in that speaking. Studies have shown that fear of public speaking ranks with fear of dying. Even more so when it is linked to things a person holds most dear. Including a person’s faith – their mystical connection with God.

Loss of voice can result from physical damage. It can also result from interior pain. Viewed at this level, “The King’s Speech” becomes a metaphor that enables reflection. What might it mean for God’s people to gain voice? If we could speak, what is the one word we might want to utter to our world? What prior patterns and previous memories are stifling our ability to speak confidently?

Or, should there be some things so intimate and precious, like a person’s faith, that in fact, they should hardly ever, if at all, actually be spoken?

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