Monday, November 07, 2011

the never ending list: leading in change

I really like this idea, found on the walls of our local IKEA.

the never ending list the never ending list 2

Basically, they are advertising the improvements, they as an organisation have made. While it is part of their marketing, I think it contains some really interesting possibilities that could be easily adapted by any group

  1. start an open ended list titled “the never ending list.”
  2. keep a record of all the projects that could improve your team/group/community/church/business
  3. every now and again, decide as a team/group/community/church/business to pause from life as usual. Shut the door, turn off the phones, ditch a few meetings, stop a church service – whatever you need to do to unplug.
  4. instead gather as a group and invite folk to choose from “the never ending list.” Anything. With anyone they want. Some folk will want to work alone, others in groups. Some will want to work with those they know, others with someone new.
  5. use the time you have put aside from (3) to make progress on the idea
  6. meet at the end to share with each other what you’ve done, over food and drink. Cross of any completed projects. Add any new possibilities thrown up. Celebrate progress. Laugh.

I think it would provide satisfaction, promote teamwork, ensure improvements, all in ways that were sustainable, fun and communal.

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