Saturday, July 30, 2005

the real nature of apostolic leadership in a post-Christendom context

times of transition and rapid change require grieving. And there is the key. Women are much better at grieving than are men, who tend to simply amp up the energy.. full speed ahead, damn the torpedos.. we tend to reach higher rather than embrace the call to fall.. to look inside.. to slow down.. to weep. We aren’t good at liminality.

So.. here is an opportunity.. to learn from our women, to listen to those we love and cherish, and who cherish us in return.. to listen to those who are often pushed aside, those we have often thought weak. I think if we can learn from women how to grieve, we have a better chance of moving forward into the things the Lord wants to release to us. Women are the ones who give birth anyway..

Remember FOTR..Galadriel says that these are the times “when love is now mingled with grief”…


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