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U2 conference: keynote Jim Henke Rock n Roll Hall of fame

I was trying to get them on the cover of Rolling Stone – Jim Henke.

This is a video produced especially for the conference, reflecting with Jim Henke, from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, on U2’s 30 years and why they are still with us: genuine, continued to grow musically and were addressing real issues.

Rolling Stone journalist back in 1980. New writer trying to focus on upcoming bands. Warner Bros (US) offered Jim a chance to see them live in London. Saw them live at Coventry Polytechnic. 100 people. Loved power of performance and Bono’s ability to interact with audience. Loved their desire to succeed.

Wrote another feature: “Blessed are the peacemakers” in relation to War tour. Bigger audiences. Playing a lot. Grown as musicians.

Gave Bono Let the Trumpet Sound: A Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. (I’ve read this) which influenced Pride (In the name of love), of The Unforgettable Fire.

He kept pitching U2 to Rolling stone as front cover. Critics appreciating their drive and their meaningful lyrics.

Did U2 exhibit (2003) for Hall of Fame. U2 gave Trabants, Bono’s 1st guitar, costumes from Zooropa tour, 1976 first ever U2 T-shirt (silk-screened by Larry in high school), rejection letters from record companies (Steve’s comment – sorry this is real groupie stuff isn’t it).

When U2 came about their was punk movement that brought back spirit of rock and roll (but many bands plain obnoxious), bland pop bands and new wave (but all about style and fashion). But U2 – genuine, continued to grow musically and were addressing real issues.

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