Friday, July 27, 2012

U2’s litany for the saints

It only takes one line. It’s live from Mexico City. It’s on the U22 album. And there it is. In the middle of “Until The End Of The World.”

Where’s Frank? 13 years ago, this very evening, we said goodbye to Frank Sinatra.

One line. And a person is remembered. A memory is triggered. A song, sung repeatedly (played 491 times, on every U2 tour since 1991.)

Change one line. On an anniversary – “13 years ago” – mention a name, and your history and influences are honoured.

So there are some lessons to ponder for liturgists.

  • The importance of remembering
  • The power of one line
  • The need to place all we do within the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church, to remember the many who have gone before, who have shaped us, challenged us, inspired us, critiqued us

(This is an 8th point, to add to my list of 7 things a worship leader can learn from U2
1. Connect uniquely.
2. Engage through familiarity.
3. Use repetitition to call forth prayer.
4. Secure a 5th (visual) band member
5. Create hope by drawing the best from the past.
6. Plan participation.
7. Invoke passionate practices.

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