Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Visual in worship: weekly lectionary visuals

Mark Hewitt is a trained artist and a Uniting Church minister. As an artist, he’s deeply aware of the power of visual images. Tired of spending time each week looking for images for worship, he’s decided instead to stop browsing the internet and instead use the time saved to create an image himself. His goal, each week is to present that week’s lectionary text, visually.

The Vine by Mark Hewitt

Often creativity works when it becomes confined. Somehow the constraint – of resources, of time, of circumstances – results in innovation. Mark is letting the constraint of time – only having a few hours, and of the weekly lectionary text – be his seedbed for imagination.

Since the creativity is emerging from his church life, and the lectionary only rolls around once every 3 years, he wanted to make his work more widely available. He’s created a website, – Old Tractor Tin Shed – where he is posting his visuals in worship. It is on a Creative Commons copyright:

Mark A Hewitt of Panorama South Australia is the Artist and copyright holder of all visual art and photography on this site.

You are free to use these works for non commercial purposes
on the condition that Mark A Hewitt is made reference to as the artist.

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