Sunday, April 01, 2007

what lurks in Jesus wallet


This is the 7th, and last, of our Practising our faith series. (The 7 week series, with accompanying takehome resource and small group study guides, has worked really well). The Biblical text is Jesus entry to Jerusalem. The art image wonders what Jesus would have carried in his wallet? The practice is the invitation to empty one’s wallet and consider what the contents reveal about one’s priorities, relationships and values.

In response the symbols – chalk (black/white); coins; rock; nails; plumbline; flower; bulb – I wrote the following meditation (concept inspired from the Grace Lent blog):

Letter from God to Digestion Congregation

Hey there.
Whats up?

I know I haven’t been around much.
But it doesn’t seem like you really wanted me

the first time I sent down a message,
I left you the beauty of creation,
My fingerprints in flowers, (flower)
My palm prints in bulbs, (bulb)

But you’ve done your best to spoil my garden,
Kill my creatures
Pollute my waterways.

The second time I sent my prophets,
men like Amos and Isaiah and Martin Luther King,
women like Deborah and Mother Teresa,

To hold up a plumbline of justice, (plumbline)
To measure your ways as straight,
To remind you of true worship.

No more choruses. Please.
Simply talk to those who feel left out,
Simply stick up for those who can’t speak properly or think clearly.

But you chucked rocks (rock)
Stoned my servants, shot my saints,

Then I sent a personal message,
Up close and human,
a child and a carpenter,
a teacher and a healer,
a man named Jesus, God with us, God saves,
But you took 30 pieces of silver (coins)
and great big hunks of steel and nailed him to a cross. (nails)

That shook my world
Turned me dark, (dark chalk)
made me cry.

Finally I sent my Spirit,
To point to my creation
To remind you of my prophets
To shine light in dark places (light/black chalk)
To point you to Jesus
To form you into his body.

You called it church. Digestion.

So as you walk toward Easter this week,
Through Easter Journey and into Easter Camp.
I wonder what you will do with my message,
My creation, my prophets,
my Son, my Spirit
This Easter.

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  1. Great Post…new reader and liking the little I have read so far

    Comment by Jason77 — April 7, 2007 @ 8:43 am

  2. thanks for sharing that, I was touched.

    Comment by Deborah Taggart — April 7, 2007 @ 12:49 pm

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