Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Will they sing One Tree Hill?

Kiwis feel an extraordinary sense of affinity with U2 because they wrote a song about us. One Tree Hill is a real place in New Zealand. So U2 are singing about a real place in our country. The song is dedicated in memory of Kiwi Greg Carroll, who worked with U2 and died tragically in a motor bike accident. U2 brought his body back to New Zealand and participated in his tangi (Maori funeral).

Will U2 sing “our song”? It is rumoured to have been heard at soundchecks.

And if they play it, how will they change the lyrics? U2 have an extraordinary ability to change context and add layers to songs.

A few years ago, the tree on One Tree Hill was cut down in an act of political process. Many Kiwis now call the tree “No tree Hill.” So, if U2 sing “our” song, what, if any, changes will they make?

Posted by steve at 07:38 AM

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  1. Ha! That’s been very much a conversation piece around where I’ve been this week too. We’ve all decided that yes of course they must. No Tree Hill must almost be visible from the stage on Friday night.

    Comment by Larraine — November 22, 2006 @ 6:05 pm

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