Friday, July 13, 2007

a take away ending

We sat in an open circle on the floor. In the centre I had placed a stack of takeaway coffee cup lids. People were invited, one at a time, to take a lid and name to the group one thing they would take away from the week long intensive – it might be something sweet, something raw, something stirred, something to chew on.

For me it would be the gift of a unique group who had worked hard, listened well and thought deeply, and the gift of a question.

And then I blessed them;
To take their take aways, their stories of nurture and growth and change,
their treasure, for which they, and Jesus, have paid a great price.
And now to go in the name and the power of the Giver of our stories
Go into Gods world. Go in peace.

And so ended the Fuller Living the text in a postmodern text class of 2007 (apart from assignments and marking :)). Rich memories for me to take away as I board the plane for the third, and final, leg of my journey, to Portland and a gathering of the Allelon Mission in Western Culture Project.

I am down to present on Sunday for about 20 minutes and on Monday for about 35 minutes, followed by Q & A. I am deeply tired and quite homesick.

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