Saturday, December 22, 2007

emerging church postcards 07


For the last two years I have sought to summarise the global emerging church by compiled a set of postcards reflecting on the year that was. I simply want to provide on-line a visual snapshot and digital diary of the emerging church. I did this for 2005 and for 2006, and I want to do the same again for 2007.

So I welcome contributions from any emerging church, anywhere in the world, whether you have done it before or not. Just send me at steve at emergentkiwi dot org dot nz;
a) 1 photo of your emerging community this (07) year;
plus a few sentences in response to these 4 questions;
b) green – what has grown? what has potential into a new year?
c) yellow – what has encouraged you? given you joy?;
d) black – what has been a risk? what has been hard?
e) red – what words describe how you feel? what have you liked? what have you not liked?

(we worked our way through these colours with our staff team over breakfast this morning and it proved an honest and helpful way to reflect on our 2007 year)

During January I will be post your image and responses as a series of postcards07 on my blog. (Feel free to use the emerging church postcards 07 image above and to spread the word.)

For a complete (historical) set of emerging postcards go here.
For why do an emerging church postcards series go here

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  1. Merry Christmas Steve and Happy New Year. I was saddened to read about your rabbit. Gentle creatures.

    Take care,


    Comment by Kim — December 29, 2007 @ 1:23 pm

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