Friday, January 06, 2006

emerging church postcards : England


For words about the image : birth : values : music: mission

Words about the image; from an interaction in a sunday gathering.

How were you as an emerging community birthed?; Dropped in the deep end, April 1997 my wife and I, bi vocational, planted with the two of us in Sutton, Surrey. The struggle of planting a church in a post-christian (less than 2% of local people where we live on edge of london, with any connection to church) environment got us into the emerging church journey.

What do you as an emerging community value?; participation/interaction; questioning/doubts/mystery as a normal part of christian growth and formation; community involvement and engagement; mission at work, neighborhood, and our larger community.

What music track sums up your year?; Wiseman by James Blunt from “Back to Bedlam”

What was your best mission moment in 05?; Our community project moving into a warehouse and engaging the community significantly further, with several hundred volunteers from churches. And our oyunger youth decorating and helping at the local children’s hospital.

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